The Clouds, Dec. 22 @ the Double A

Don’t miss Fillmore favorites, The Clouds, this Wednesday, Dec. 22 at the Double A Cafe. The show starts at 6 PM and features Fillmore locals Jose Cerna, Pam Gartner and Carina Downing. Yow!

Here’s a little about The Clouds:

Once upon a time there was a young cloud named Jose. He decided to share some thoughts in musical form. He asked Carina, who could sing beautifully to help make the songs sound pretty. She did, and it was good. But then one day Jose thought, it needs more. It needs a pair of hands to give the songs a classy feel. So they both went to their friend Pam’s house and asked if she would like to join in on the fun. She said yes but only if her family of piano’s could join. They couldn’t say no. So Jose wrote songs, carina sang the pretty parts and pam and her toy piano’s sang the classy parts. They moved to Long Beach, Ca and met two humans named Al and Jasin. The three young clouds asked them if they could add some solid rhythm to their thoughts and melodies. Al and Jasin both said yes and turned themselves into clouds. Now they all float along making music and share thoughts about what they see along the way. Fortunately for them, modern day technology has allowed them to record their songs and will be shared with anyone who is looking to listen. The songs are currently being mixed by a phantom waffler known as Alpha Rhythm as you read this. With everything in place, their journey will be similar to a poem by Diamond Dave Whitaker. “Cast a wide net, find a common thread. Let life flourish. Don’t panic, just keep it organic.”

The Clouds


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